Welcome to Bor-X Technologies Ltd.

"Bor-X Technologies Ltd." manufactures and markets road maintenance
(Patching) products which can be applied under extreme weather
conditions and are resistant to such weather conditions.

“Bor-X Technologies Ltd."
also marketes top quality flooring materials
manufactured by BASF

“Bor-X Technologies Ltd."
is active worldwide.

“Bor-X Technologies Ltd."
has a dynamic team made up of people with many years of experience and knowledge in this field

Using “Bor-X Technologies Ltd." State of the art products, our customers will enjoy excellent and long range solutions.

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Address: 15 Klauzner St., Raanana, 4336608, Israel
FAX: +972-3-5605895
Phone: +972-54-4308763
E-mail: sales@bor-x.com